NEW Pop Pops

Our NEW Pop Pops are delicious savoury snacks made with 40% chickpeas.  Approved by our nutritionist, not only are they a source of protein and high in fibre, they are low in saturated fat and lower in salt than popular crisp brands*.

With four delicious recipes to choose from, Original, Cheese, Tomato and Sweet Red Pepper, each little bag comes with a zoo crew sticker to reseal the bag or pop on your toddler’s t-shirt.

As with all Little Dish recipes, Pop Pops were given the thumbs up by our team of Tiny Tasters and their parents. Available in the baby aisle in Sainsbury’s and Tesco now.

* A 17g bag of Pop Pops contains 26% less salt than the average salt content across bags of Hula Hoops, Wotsits and Quavers – all crisp brands parents tell us they serve to their children.

Every bag of Pop Pops...

Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Is a source of protein

Is high in fibre

Is low in saturated fat

Is gluten free

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