Chickpea Pop Pops

Little Dish Pop Pops are delicious savoury snacks made with 40% chickpeas.  Approved by our nutritionist, not only are they a source of protein and high in fibre, they are low in saturated fat and lower in salt than popular crisp brands*.

With two delicious recipes to choose from, Original and Cheese, each little bag comes with a zoo crew sticker to reseal the bag or pop on your toddler’s t-shirt.

As with all Little Dish recipes, Pop Pops were given the thumbs up by our team of Tiny Tasters and their parents.

* A 17g bag of Pop Pops contains 46% less salt than the average salt content across bags of Hula Hoops, Wotsits and Quavers – all crisp brands parents tell us they serve to their children.

Every bag of Pop Pops...

Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Is a source of protein

Is high in fibre

Is low in saturated fat

Is gluten free

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