Our nutrition standards

At Little Dish we work really hard to ensure that the food we make has the highest nutritional standards, with only the best ingredients.  We work closely with Nutritionist Lucy Jones in developing all of our recipes, setting strict nutritional criteria for every new range or recipe.  Everything is approved by our panel of Tiny Tasters and their parents, so you can rest assured that your little ones are enjoying nutritious food, that tastes good too.  Find out more about the nutrition of each of our ranges below.


Photo of Little Dish pots and Pies - littledish.co.ukPots & Pies

We’re dedicated to making sure that our pots & pies are perfectly nutritionally balanced for toddlers. Made from 100% natural ingredients, low in salt and with no added sugar, additives or preservatives, every meal contains at least 1 of your little one’s 5 a day. Every pot or pie is a source of protein and we only ever use British meat or sustainably sourced fish. We’ve worked with our nutritionist Lucy Jones to ensure that they are balanced for energy, carbohydrates, protein and fat, meaning that each meal provides no more than 30% of their daily fats and sugar, whilst delivering between 20-30% of their daily energy requirements.  For more information on the nutrition of our pots & pies click here.

Photo of two children eating pizza - littledish.co.ukPizza

Our My First Pizza is designed with toddler’s unique nutritional needs in mind  –  no added sugar, no additives or preservatives, 35% less salt than the average children’s chilled pizza* and made from 100% natural ingredients. Plus, the yummy tomato & veg topping and hidden carrot puree in the base means that each pizza is one of a toddler’s 5 a day.

*35% less salt when compared against the average salt content (per 100g) in all children’s chilled pizza found in UK supermarkets.

Photo of children with Littledish Go Go's - littledish.co.ukGo Gos

Little Dish Go Gos are full of naturally good things like wholegrain oats, protein, fibre-rich flax, chia and pumpkin seeds, which all help to deliver slow release energy and nourishment to your little one. Containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, each little bag of Go Gos contains less than a teaspoon of sugar, and the recipe is wheat-free.*

*Go Gos have been made in a kitchen that uses wheat for other recipes, so there is always a chance they may contain traces of wheat.


Our Little Dish soups are made from 100% natural ingredients, are low in salt, contain 2 of your little one’s 5 a day and have no added sugar, additives or preservatives.  They are also made without wheat or dairy*.  Serve with a slice of wholemeal bread for a great light meal.

*We use wheat & dairy ingredients in other recipes so there is a slight chance that this soup May Contain Traces of Wheat & Dairy.