With back-to-school fast approaching, our thoughts have turned to packed lunches and after-school snacks. Here are some simple lunchbox and snack ideas, so you can send your child back-to-school or nursery with a delicious and nutritious lunch.  

Chicken, Pesto & Mozzarella Wraps

Wholemeal tortilla wraps filled with pesto, shredded chicken and creamy mozzarella. These are the perfect size for little hands to hold. 

Hummus & Carrot Wraps

Grated carrot, cucumber slices and protein-packed hummus make this wrap a great veggie option for your little one.  

Pitta Chips

This recipe is a fun alternative to soggy sandwiches and yummy served with a little pot of hummus.

Cheese Straws

Make these pastry straws in bulk for the week and serve with cucumber and carrot sticks for a yummy alternative to a sandwich. 

Sausage Rolls

Another one to bake in bulk and keep in the fridge, they also double up as a great after school snack. We use turkey mince in our tasty sausage roll recipe for extra protein. 

Healthy Fruit Muffins

These make a delicious fruity treat for little lunchboxes. Make a batch and freeze them.


We hope these lunchbox ideas come in handy during the mad back-to-school rush!