We’ve taken five childhood classics and turned them into healthy, veg-packed meals for little ones. These quick and easy recipes are guaranteed to be a hit with little (and big) kids, and there are plenty of fun jobs for helpers too.


Fish Fingers

For this recipe we add fresh flat-leaf parsley, and grated Parmesan cheese, to our breadcrumb mix for extra goodness. And we serve them with our nutritious Sweet Potato Fries.

Chicken Bites

This yummy recipe is our take on a healthy chicken nugget. Cornflakes make a great crunchy coating and your little chef will love crushing them with a rolling pin. 

Turkey Burgers

Our healthier burgers use turkey mince, which is lower in fat and full of protein. You can also add some grated carrot, or finely chopped cooked spinach, for a veg boost. 

Fish Pie

Chunks of cod and salmon mixed with baby spinach, coated in a cheesy sauce and topped with mashed potato - what’s not to love? Our healthy fish pie is the ultimate comfort food for the whole family. 

Beef Meatballs

We use minced beef, chopped spinach and herbs in our recipe, and serve them with this delicious tomato sauce. Your little one can help shape the meatballs and grate the Parmesan on top. 

We hope you and your family enjoy our healthy take on these delicious and nutritious childhood classics.