If you’re looking for ways to pack in some goodness before school or nursery, and mix things up a bit at breakfast time, here are some nutritious and delicious breakfast ideas from the Little Dish Family Cookbook.  We hope they help kick start your day!

Bircher muesli

You can make this tasty recipe the night before with your little ones. They can spoon the mixture into jam jars and top with their favourite ingredients, making personalised pots for the morning. We like ours with fresh berries and seeds for extra crunch.

Fruit porridge

Your little ones can stir the porridge until it’s thick and creamy and have fun topping it with fruit. Use whatever you have at home, we like topping ours with banana slices, blackberries and honey swirls.


This recipe is delicious for the whole family to whip up together. Your little chef can mix the batter and flip with your help until golden brown on both sides. 


A great way to get fruit, vegetables and lots of nutrients into toddlers. Choose from our Sunshine Orange Smoothie, Purple Smoothie with blueberries, creamy Green Smoothie or berry tasty Red Smoothie. Your little ones will have fun watching the fruit and veg dance in the blender!

Fruit yoghurt pots

These pots are so easy for your little chef to assemble. Spoon in the crunchy low sugar granola base, add a dollop of natural yogurt and then top with fresh fruit. Yummy!

Cinnamon French toast

You can’t go wrong with French toast. And ours is an absolute winner for the whole family to enjoy as a treat. Your little helper can crack and whisk the eggs before sprinkling in a pinch of cinnamon.

Granola Bars

Looking for a healthy snack to add to your little one's lunchbox? These granola bars are perfect! Little chefs can mix the oats, coconut, nuts and egg white together and spread the mixture on a baking tray. Delicious!


We hope these recipes add some fun to breakfast time for the whole family.