Goodness comes from within

At Little Dish  we make it as easy as possible to give your child a perfectly nutritionally balanced fresh meal to nourish their growing mind and body.


Fresh is best

Little Dish meals are fresh, so your little one can experience the tastes and textures of real food. Our meals are found in the fridge because we never use additives or preservatives.

Nutritionist approved

Our Little Dish nutritionist makes sure every recipe is a complete, nutritionally balanced meal for your toddler with the right calories, protein, fibre and healthy fats  they need to thrive. And we never add salt or sugar.

Homemade made easy

We know how busy family life is.  Little Dish makes it quick and easy to give your child nutritious, fresh food that tastes as good as homemade.  

Our Nutritionist Lucy Jones

We have worked with our Nutritionist Lucy Jones to ensure that every Little Dish meal is completely nutritionally balanced.

"There are many difficulties we face as parents to ensure our children get a healthy balanced diet. Little Dish products have really broken down those barriers for us!"

Amy, with little Rosie, Newcastle

Proper meals for toddlers

Once your toddler is enjoying solid food, Little Dish meals offer a brand new world of wonderful tastes and textures. We work with our Nutritionist, Lucy Jones, to ensure that each meal is completely nutritionally balanced for your little one.

Awards & Recognition

Our journey

Little Dish launches in 20 Waitrose shops and on


Chief Taster Monty is born


Little Dish launches in Tesco


Little Dish wins Best New Brand in the Marketing Society Awards


Chief Taster Ridley is born


Little Dish launches in Sainsbury’s


Little Dish launches in Asda


Little Dish is a regional winner in the HSBC Global Connections award for Excellence in Innovation


The Little Dish Favourites Cookbook is published


Little Dish launches in Morrison’s


Little Dish wins the FDF Health & Well-being award


Hillary wins Mumpreneur of the Year


Little Dish launches a Children in Need limited edition meal


Little Dish gets ready for its US launch


"It is such a relief finding a brand conscious of what we are feeding our babies. Thank you for making such healthy treats for little tummies!"

Blossom with little Wren, Southend

Our Tiny Tasters

Every one of our fresh meals has been approved by our Tiny Tasters and their mums and dads.