Once your toddler is enjoying solid food, Little Dish fresh toddler meals introduce a wonderful world of exciting new tastes and textures to explore. We believe in giving little ones proper food from a young age, so they discover a love of good food that lasts a lifetime. All our delicious recipes are a complete, perfectly nutritionally balanced meal and can be ready in minutes.

Fresh meals for kids

Tastier, healthier, faster meals to fill your little one with goodness.


Healthy natural snacks to keep your little one going.

"I’m so impressed with the quality of Little Dish meals and they are so yummy I would eat them too! I don’t feel guilty giving my little one your products as it is a perfect substitute for a home made dinner."

Jessica with little Reuben, Aberdeen

Our Nutritionist
Lucy Jones

We have worked with our Nutritionist Lucy Jones to ensure that every Little Dish meal is completely nutritionally balanced.