Snacks are top for tots as they provide essential nutrients for growing brains, bones and bodies.  By the time they’re one, most children will need three nutritious meals and two healthy snacks a day.  

Our nutritionist recommends offering more savoury than sweet snacks to protect tiny teeth, and help little one’s learn to enjoy savoury flavours.  


Why do little ones need nutritious snacks?

- A toddler needs nearly three times more energy for their size relative to an adult.

- Toddlers’ tummies are around three times smaller than ours so it’s practically impossible for them to eat enough over the course of three meals to get all of the nutrients they need for a day’s playing, learning and growing.

- A Little brains develops more in the first three years of life than at any other time. At birth, it accounts for a quarter of its adult size. By five it’s close to adult size. That speed of development needs to be supported.

- Regular snacks help little ones learn when they’re hungry and full; all part of developing a healthy relationship with food.

- Regular re-fuelling pitstops avoid hunger-induced mid-morning and afternoon meltdowns, good news for all the family! 

- Snack times boost the intake of key nutrients that all toddlers with growing bodies and brains need, from protein and healthy fats through to whole grains, minerals and vitamins.