Making pancakes is the perfect way to get little chefs busy in the kitchen.  They can help crack the eggs, whisk all the ingredients together and chop fruit for the toppings.  We asked our nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed to share her favourite pancake recipes for toddlers, and a few delicious topping ideas.


American Pancakes


250g self-raising wholegrain or white flour

1tsp baking powder

1 free-range egg

300mls of milk

A little drizzle of oil for the pan

Blueberries (optional)



Sift the self-raising flour into a large bowl with the baking powder and make a well in the middle

In a separate jug crack the egg and whisk it together with the milk. Add the milk mixture to the well in the middle of your flour and whisk together until you have a smooth batter. Set the mixture aside

Heat a drizzle of oil in a saucepan and, once hot, add a thick dollop of your pancake mixture into the middle of the pan

Dot a few of the blueberries on top of the mixture as it cooks and once it’s browning nicely, flip your pancake and cook it on the other side

If you want to make Vegan Pancakes for your little one, replace the 300mls of milk with 300mls of fortified soya milk.  Also remove the egg and add one well-mashed banana to the milk, and then pour this into the flour mixture, whisk well and continue with the method above.

You could also try these yummy Pancakes from the Little Dish Family Cookbook – made with spelt flour for something a bit different.

Topping pancakes is lots of fun for little foodies, and a great way to encourage them to try new flavours, so here are some topping ideas.


Frozen Forest Fruit Coulis


300grams of frozen forest fruits

4 tablespoons of natural yogurt or a fortified alternative

A few sprigs of mint



Add the frozen forest fruits to a pan on a medium heat and warm for 5 minutes, whist stirring.  This helps to turn them into a coulis texture

Remove from the heat and allow to cool

Once the coulis has cooled, serve a few spoonfuls of it alongside a dollop of natural yogurt, a pancake and a sprig of mint


Other toddler-friendly toppings:

Chopped fresh fruit - banana, mango, ripe pear and berries are all delicious.  Serve them on their own or with a dollop of natural yogurt

Nut butter (like almond or cashew) and some chopped banana

A handful of berries and a dollop of yogurt blitzed together in the blender and spooned over your pancakes


You could also let little ones have a go at building a pancake stack for the whole family to enjoy – pancake, dollop of yogurt, sprinkling of fruit, and repeat. Hours of fun!