Here are some ideas to keep little explorers happy in the back garden over the summer holidays.  You could write these ideas on pieces of paper, put them in a jar and let little ones pick one out when they want to have some fun.

Have a bubble disco

All you need are some bubbles and a playlist of their favourite songs. Turn up the music and watch the magic happen!

Make an assault course

Build a child-friendly obstacle course in the garden.  Jump over some sticks, weave in and out of the cones, climb through the tunnel, go down the slide and hop to the finish line. Hours of fun!

Set up an ice lolly shop 

Try making these delicious Peach Melba Ice Lollies together, and then set up a little shop in the garden with a menu and till.  A smoothie cafe is also great fun.

Do some chalk drawings

Grab a pack of jumbo chalks, find a paving stone or two in your back garden and let your little one get creative 

Cool off with water painting!

Fill up a bucket of water, give them a paint brush and let them loose painting a wall or fence

Explore the night garden

After tea grab a torch and see what you can find hiding in your garden. Remember to check under stones and in the bushes.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Head to your local park with a little bucket and search for acorns, red leaves, pine cones, and conkers. You can even draw pictures of the things little explorers need to find, so they can tick them off when they find them.

Go cloud spotting

What can you see? Can you spot a bunny, crocodile or a smiley face in the clouds above? 

Make a fairy garden

Build a summer garden for the fairies using sticks, stones, leaves and flower petals. You could even fill a shell with water for a fairy paddling pool!

Play pooh sticks

Christopher Robin’s favourite game, drop your stick over the upstream side of a bridge and see whose appears on the other side first.

Make a magic woodland wand

Find a special stick and decorate it with lots of different coloured leaves and wind ribbon or string around it. When you’ve finished your magic wand, try casting a spell!

Play a game of family hide & seek

Count to 20 and see who can find Mummy or Daddy first.


We hope these ideas come in handy over the Summer hols!