Easter is a really fun time for kids, and baking with little chefs is a great way to add some magic and make special memories. My Healthy Easter Biscuits are a good option for younger children as they contain no added sugar other than a little bit of apple juice, and are the perfect size for little hands to hold.  Use bunny, chick or egg-shaped cutters to add an extra Easter touch.

I also LOVE a hot cross bun at Easter - these sugar-free Hot Cross Buns from Early Start Nutrition are also a fun option for little ones.

For older children and grown ups, you could try making these yummy Gluten-free Mini Chocolate Cupcakes from the Little Dish Family Cookbook or these super-cute Easter Chick Biscuits created by Hungry Little Bakers, and so much fun for little chefs to help make.

Here are some other things we love to do at Easter:

- Make an Easter treasure map and hide clues around the garden for little explorers to find. Just watch their faces light up as they solve the clues and discover their Easter-themed treasure!

- Draw and cut out some big bunny paw prints and dot them around the garden for little ones to discover on Easter morning. Challenge them to follow the paw prints to find their Easter goodies.

- Hide little chicks around the garden or house and give little ones a basket to collect their chicks in. When they’ve found them all, reward them with some Easter books or stickers. Try making this super-cute Easter basket from Little Dish.

- Make an Easter bonnet. Grab an old hat and stick eggs, chicks, coloured paper, pipe cleaners, stickers and ribbons around the edge. The more colourful the better!

- Decorate an Easter tree together. Find a few branches in the garden, pop them in a pot and then decorate with hanging eggs and chicks, stars, baubles and ribbons. You could even put a little glue on the branches and sprinkle on some glitter.

- Grab the paints and decorate some eggs. You can buy cardboard eggs or make a hole in the top of an egg with a safety pin and blow the contents out using a straw – here’s how to do this for your little one https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-blow-eggs -  then let them loose with their paints.

- Make some homemade Easter cards. Grab a potato, cut it in half and cover the flat side in paint. Let little artists stamp the potato on to a piece of paper, so you have an egg shape and then decorate it with glitter, stars, stickers – whatever you have to hand! 


I hope you and your little ones have a very Happy Easter! 

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